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Stitchbond Fabric Use where ?

Rpet Stitchbond fabric : commonly known as Coke bottle non-woven fabric, the full name is Recycled PET Fabric. It is usually a plastic bottle of mineral water or a Coke bottle. The bottle is cut into small pieces, crushed and melted to separate the core PET components, regenerated and granulated, processed into polyester staple fiber, and then processed through needle punching or non-woven process. It is a new type of green and environment-friendly fabric. Its low carbon source has created a new concept in the field of regeneration.
It can be applied in the following fields:
1. Engineering building materials: roof waterproof coating materials, industrial filter materials, etc
2. Interior materials of vehicles: seat cushions and interior materials of aircraft, automobiles and ships. Such as: roof, car carpet, trunk lining, etc;
3. Home textile fabrics: environment-friendly shopping bags, printed packaging, bags and shoes, clothing fabrics, sofas, mattresses, carpets, curtains, furniture decorative fabrics, wallpapers, etc; Flame retardant protective clothing, toys filled with cotton: mainly used to produce flame retardant protective clothing and fire-fighting clothing for fire protection, petroleum, chemical and other industries. Fabric of protective equipment: lining of safety protection products, medical protection products, etc.

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