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Stitchbond Fabric Stitchbond Fabric Stitchbond Fabric Stitchbond Fabric 

Rpet Stitch bond non-woven fabric is a kind of dry non-woven fabric, raw material selection of high-quality plastic bottle sheet, RECYCLEDFIBER(recycled material chemical fiber) formed by processing,  And then through the non-woven process of the sewing method, the use of 80%-95%recycled polyester staple fiber and 5%-20% high-quality polyester filament warp knitting coil structure of the fiber net, yarn layer, non-textile materials (such as plastic sheets, plastic thin metal foil, etc.) to strengthen their combination, to make non-woven fabric RECYCLEDPET. 


Composition 100% Polyester Stitch Bond Fabric
Weight 60-300gsm
Process of Production Stitch bond
Needles 7,14needles,18needles,22needles
Width 2.1m to 6.4m(can be split )
Thickness 0.3—2.2MM
Color black, white,grey,beige …
Texture Soft, Stiff
Special treatment Fire resistance
Payment term 30% TT deposit + 70% TT balance before shippment
Delivery Time Around 1-2 weeks working days

Stitch editing broadcast  

14 stitches.  Fourteen stitches are the needles used for finger knitting 14 needles.  According to the different stitching, it is divided into: 1475,1410,1413,1414,1416.  This 75 is 7.5 threads per inch (2.54 cm).  10 is 10 yarns, 13 is 13 yarns (polyester yarns), 14 is 14 yarns, and 16 is 16 yarns.  The more polyester silk you use, the better the physical properties of the product.  According to the different products after finishing, divided into AS soft lixin cloth (glue is better, after shaping the product soft texture, tension is better), AM neutral Lixin cloth (slightly worse than AS), AH (hard) Lixin cloth.  PH (hard) lixin cloth.  Thickness: 0.35mm-1.2mm. The thinest product of our company has reached 0.35mm(glue finished product, not semi-finished product), and the minimum weight of finished product can reach 75G per square meter. Width: we can make the width required by customers according to their needs, 82cm is also available.  The beautiful new cloth width of export had better be 1.45 meters, a 40 ark just can install 8 rows of beautiful new cloth. 



widely used in daily use, industry, agriculture, shoe lining and upper, garment lining, bags, leather ,car cover, carpet ,sound box, shoes material and mattress.

  • shoe insole — 75-180gsm
  • shopping bag lining — 80-130gsm
  • printed carpet — 180-300gsm
  • shoe interlining — 65-120gsm
  • mattress interlining — 80-120gsm
  • sofa coating/covering — 100-150gsm


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make sure jumbo roll 

4. Flatt rolling and cutting 

5. Without joins,make sure the usage rate

6. Can do 14F/18F/22F needles for different usages

sofa coating/covering — 100-150gsm


any color ,accept pantone color,RGB,CMYK



Product name:

Rpet stitich-bond nonwoven


110/152/210/ 320cm



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