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Custom Nonwoven Shopping Bags Promotional ECO Friendly Pet Non Woven Bag

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Elevate your shopping experience while making a positive impact on the environment with our extraordinary collection of Custom Shopping Bags. Designed to combine fashion and functionality, these bags not only enhance your style but also contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability.

Our Custom Shopping Bags redefine the concept of eco-friendly fashion. Made from durable and environmentally-conscious materials, these bags are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags. By choosing a custom shopping bag, you are taking a stand against the harmful effects of plastic pollution and showing your commitment to a greener future.

Brand Name      Custom Shopping Bags
Material               pet spunbond/ Rpet Spunbond/Stitich-bond nonwoven
Size                       Max Size:42cm(H) x 48cm(L) x 19cm(D)
Min Size:24cm(H) x 24cm(L) x 9cm(D)
Logo                     Full color printing;sample color printing
Color                    Any color
Packing                200pcs per carton
MOQ                     10000pcs
Usage                    Promotion, Advertising, Shopping, Package
OEM/ODM         Welcome
Payment               T/T 30% deposit,70% T/T balance before shipment
Delivery Time     Around 5 to 20 working days
Delivery Port       xiamen/ningbo port
Carry Weight       About 5kg to 12kg

But functionality doesn’t take a back seat to sustainability. Our Custom Shopping Bags are crafted with ample storage space and sturdy handles, making them ideal for all your shopping needs. Whether you’re heading to the grocery store, farmer’s market, or boutique, these bags provide a reliable and stylish companion for your shopping adventures.

What truly sets our Custom Shopping Bags apart is their personalized touch. With our customization options, you have the opportunity to express your personality and create a bag that reflects your unique style. Choose from a variety of designs, patterns, and colors to create a shopping bag that is truly one-of-a-kind. From elegant monograms to playful motifs, let your creativity shine and turn heads wherever you go.

By choosing a Custom Shopping Bag, you are making a statement. You are saying no to single-use plastic bags and embracing the power of sustainable fashion. You are leading by example and inspiring others to make a change. Join the movement and make a lasting impact with a custom shopping bag that combines style, purpose, and sustainability.


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Pattern Type:



Handled, Double Line








Laminate Non woven Fabric


Customized Color


Eco-friendly Waterproof Durable



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