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The raw material of stitchond fabric is the selection of high quality plastic bottles, after processing into RECYCLEDFIBER (recycled chemical fiber), and then through the seam-woven non-spinning process, choose 80% -95% recycled polyester staple fiber and 5% -20% high quality polyester filament, made of RECYCLEDPET non-woven fabric. And our stitchbond can be various colors. White, Black, green and so on. Color according to the different chemical fiber raw materials, baiyu Khan paste chemical fiber finished product is white stitchond fabric, black chemical fiber finished product is black stitchond fabric. This seam-woven non-woven fabric is woven into polyester staple fiber and polyester silk seam, and then after finishing and adding glue to change the material properties to form the finished product. 14 Needles. 14 Needles is the needle used in the stitch is 14 needles. According to the different stitches, it is divided into: 1475,1410,1413,1414,1416. This 75 refers to 7.5 yarns within an inch (2.54 cm).10 Is 10 yarns, 1313 (polyester), 1414 yarns and 1616 yarns. The more polyester filament is used, the better the odor of the product. According to the different finishing, divided into AS soft cloth (glue is better, after shaping the product texture is soft, good tension), AM neutral cloth (slightly worse than AS), AH (hard) cloth. PH (hard quality) Lixin cloth. Thickness: 0.35mm-1.2mm. The thinnest one can reach 0.35mm (glue cross finished product, not semi-finished products), the lowest weight finished product can reach 75G per square meter, width: according to the customer needs, 82 cm. Export of the new cloth width of the most good is 1.45 meters, a 40 cabinets just can fit 8 rows of new cloth.

Advantages: 1. stitchond fabric is a kind of green and environmentally friendly and recycled non-woven fabric, and its fabric organization structure is not directly woven by the textile machine, but directly formed through hot melting!

2. The fabric composition of stitchond is the waste plastic fiber, that is, the waste plastic bottles that I drink coke.

3. The tensile strength of stitchond fabric is particularly high, so you can process all kinds of storage bags, and the durability is particularly good!

4. stitchond fabric can generally be processed into a variety of models of mesh cloth, has a very good air permeability, can be widely used in a variety of ready-to-wear lining, has a very good warm and breathable performance!

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