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PLA is not plastic. It is derived from nature. Starch is extracted from plants such as corn and cassava and fermented by microorganisms to produce lactic acid. Lactic acid undergoes an advanced polymerization process to produce a 100% green and safe new polymer material called polylactic acid (PLA). Products made from this material are healthy and safe, non-toxic and odorless, and have no harm to the human body. In addition, if the product is discarded under composting conditions, it can be completely decomposed by microorganisms, eventually generating carbon dioxide and water, and returning to nature. The environment does not cause any pollution, so PLA is recognized as a “green material” for low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development in the 21st century. Pollyelactic acid can be implanted and absorbed by the human body, and has been used in the medical community for nearly 30 years. Polylactic acid fiber is used in the mask substrate, will separate part of the free small molecules, the small molecule has a strong permeability, combined with the lactic acid substances in the skin itself, can not only inhibit bacteria, but also improve the absorption of nutrient solution, enhance the growth vitality of facial skin. At the same time, polylactic acid membrane cloth has a very good water absorption energy, can store more essence, and has a strong adsorption performance, can be better adsorption of oil and eliminate impurities, so that the facial skin to achieve a deeper cleaning. The porous structure of polylactic acid membrane cloth can let the air and water gas through, fully retain the active factor in the essence, good moisturizing effect, the essence is not easy to dry or volatilize, prolong the skin absorption time, can improve the product effect. PLA Nonwoven fabrics provide specific functions such as absorbency, liquid repellence, resilience, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, filtration, use as a bacterial barrier and sterility.    high quality sponbond nonwoven fabric wholesale fabric rolls  is widely used in  Agriculture, Garden, Home Textile, Hospital, Bags, Hygiene, Garment, Car Industry, Shoes, Interlining, Sofa material and Waterproof  material etc. Polylactic acid membrane cloth is a new biological based material, soft feel, strong adsorption, moisture permeability, antibacterial, is a pure, safe, healthy, close to the skin of high quality material, with many biological characteristics incomparable to other substrate, is the ideal substrate for high quality mask. Polylactic acid and its polylactic acid fiber natural antibacterial, anti-mite, PH value close to the skin value, known as the second layer of skin.(SGS detection data). PLA can support the normal growth of skin fibrotic cells themselves, and is used in the medical community for a cell culture substrate in skin tissue engineering.(China Online Publishing Library of Academic journals, 22,2002)

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