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Hydrophilic Nonwoven is a medical textile that absorbs moisture like a sponge and does not allow bacteria to grow on it. This fabric is ideal for use in surgical settings and other high-end situations where sanitization is necessary. It can be used as a bandage, sheet, or operating room draping material.
This fabrics are a synthetic fabric that have been infused with hollow fibers that, when in contact with water, absorbs moisture and quickly evaporates to cool down the surface temperature. They also make an excellent thermal insulation while still maintaining breathability
This Fabric is designed to improve the bonding between the patient and the mattress. This fabric is composed of hydrophilic materials that absorb moisture, keeping patients drier and more comfortable.
The unique hydrophilic feel of this nonwoven fabric enables it to absorb moisture, which in turn helps keep the skin cool and dry. The lightweight and breathable properties of hydrophilic nonwoven fabrics make them ideal for use in hot environments.

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