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Diaper Raw Material Medical protective clothing acts to produce a bacterial barrier layer to prevent bacterial regimes and reduce cross-infection. In recent years, some scientific research units and enterprises have developed many medical protective suits, most of the nonwovens as the main fabric. Medical protective clothing can be divided into woven, nonwoven and composite materials according to the fabric structure; disposable (disposable), limited and reusable, finishing and processing, coating and coating according to processing composite technology.  Polypropylene spinning adhesive cloth can be antibacterial, antistatic treatment, made of antibacterial protective clothing, antistatic protective clothing, etc. Compared to the traditional cotton fabric protective clothing, polypropylene spinning adhesive fabric protective clothing is undoubtedly a big step forward. Because of its low price, and is one-time use, can greatly reduce the cross-infection rate, in just launched for a long period of time, in a large number of foreign promotion. However, the antistatic water pressure of the material is relatively low, and the efficiency of the virion barrier is also relatively poor, which can only be used as sterile surgical clothing, disinfection package cloth and other general protective equipment. The diaper-free surface coating is basically made of non-woven fabric. Diaper Raw Material Non-woven fabric can discharge moisture and heat, effectively reduce the occurrence of eczema. And the non-woven fabric is very soft and does not cause any irritation to the baby’s skin.

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