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Non Woven T-Shirt Bag Size Guide : Choosing the Perfect Fit

Non-woven t-shirt bag have become a popular choice for shoppers and retailers alike due to their durability, eco-friendliness, and versatility. These bags, made from spunbond non-woven polypropylene fabric, offer a great alternative to traditional plastic bags. If you’re considering incorporating non-woven t-shirt bags into your business or personal use, it’s crucial to understand the different size options available. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive size chart for non-woven t-shirt bags, helping you choose the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Small Size (25x12x45):
    A small size non-woven T-shirt bag is an ideal choice for lightweight items or small purchases. These bags are 25 centimeters wide, 12 centimeters deep, and 45 centimeters high, and can comfortably hold smaller items such as cosmetics, candy, jewelry, or small accessories. They are very suitable for retailers who want to provide customers with convenient and reusable packaging options.
  • Medium Size (30x14x50):
    The medium size non-woven t-shirt bag offers a versatile option for various shopping needs. Measuring 30 cm in width, 14 cm in depth, and 50 cm in height, these bags can accommodate a wider range of products. They are suitable for items such as clothing, shoes, books, groceries, or multiple small purchases. These bags strike a balance between portability and capacity, making them a popular choice for businesses and individuals.
  • Large Size (35x16x58):
    For those who need extra space, a large-sized non-woven T-shirt bag is the best choice. These bags are 35 centimeters wide, 16 centimeters deep, and 58 centimeters high, providing ample space for larger items. They are suitable for larger purchases, such as bulky clothes, shoes, household items, or various groceries. Its spacious capacity and sturdy structure make it the preferred choice for retailers and shoppers.
  • Extra-Large Size (40x16x58):
    When it comes to the utmost capacity, the extra-large size non-woven t-shirt bag is unbeatable. These bags, measuring 40 cm in width, 16 cm in depth, and 58 cm in height, can accommodate bulky or oversized items effortlessly. They are commonly used for larger clothing items, bedding, pillows, or even for moving purposes. The extra-large size is perfect for businesses dealing with larger products or customers looking for convenient solutions while traveling or relocating.

non woven t-shirt bag

While the sizes mentioned above cover the most common options, it is worth noting that non-woven t-shirt bags can be custom-made to suit specific requirements. This includes variations in width, depth, and height, allowing businesses to cater to their unique needs or branding preferences.

Non woven T-shirt bags are an environmentally friendly and durable alternative to traditional plastic bags. Understanding the available sizes is crucial to ensuring that the bag meets your specific needs. There are T-shirt bags suitable for various needs, ranging from small to medium-sized daily necessities to large and oversized ones for purchasing or moving purposes. By using this comprehensive size guide, you can confidently choose the size that best suits you to enhance your business operations or personal needs, while also helping to reduce plastic waste.

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